Ten Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Here are 10 ways to keep your home safe from burglars!

1. Maintain your landscaping especially through the winter months. If unkept, burglars think it is vacant and an easy target.

2. Know your neighbors! Have them over to your home before you put it on the market and introduce them to your agent so they'll know who is or isn't supposed to be on your property.

3. Go out to the curb and face your home. Think to yourself, "what if I got locked out, how would I break in?". Then fix those problems.

4. Light up the exterior of your home as thieves do not want to be seen. Don't leave them on 24/7 or they'll suspect the occupants are gone for long periods at a time.

5. Simply adding timers to your lamps can make it appear that someone is home.

6. In 30 percent of burglaries, the criminals access the home through an unlocked door or window; 34 percent of burglars use the front door to get inside; and 22 percent use the back door, according to the FBI. Lock your doors and windows!

7. A good door lock is nothing without a solid frame. Invest in a solid door jam and strike plate first, and then invest in good locks.

8. Even if you don’t have an alarm, it’s not a bad idea to invest in fake security signs and post them near doors.

9. Install a doorbell with a camera, check out Ring.com

10. Use invisible-ink pens or engravers to mark identifying information (driver’s license #s) on items. Log serial numbers and take photos of your belongings. Check to see if your police department participates in the Operation Identification program. They will have stickers for you to place on doors or windows warning would-be thieves that your items are marked. These steps may prevent them from pawning or selling stolen items and can help you reclaim recovered belongings.

Be safe out there in 2017!

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