Is Your Home Smarter Than You?


Do you want your home to be smarter? I'm personally getting more forgetful everyday, how about you? I might want my home to be smarter than me. The good news is it can make you smarter. This year expect the 7 wonders in home technology to be available for purchase. Those first out the door will have high price tags. For example, take the Laundroid. Wow, how does this work? I want one but the cost is $16,000! It folds your clothes. You throw them into the bottom drawer and shazam, you have nicely folded clothes. While you are out shopping for a shirt, you can open the app to find out what shirts you already have on hand. 

Along those same lines is the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with an app that will let you peek into the fridge while at the grocery store (there are 3 cameras in it). Shopping list can be written on the door and shared to a phone. Family Hub will send a message to your phone when you're running low on milk or beer! How cool is that? I want one.....only $4300.....

Then there are smart light bulbs to sleep by, smart cameras for the neighborhood to share, smart floodlights and even a robot Buddy! He can protect the family, entertain the kids, and hook up to all your other smart home devices! I want one! Only $1500! 

GE has a line called C that will grow exponentially this year with a new ceiling speaker that communicates with Alexa or Google. Wonder how this works with folks who talk to themselves.....

It looks like we won't be getting much exercise in this new world, so get your gym paid up first!

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