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North Carolina is home to some of the most scenic lakes in the world. Out of all of them, however, High Rock Lake has an allure and beauty that attract residents in North Carolina and out-of-state visitors alike to its shores. As one of the best fishing lakes in the world, High Rock Lake is also a source of hydropower for the surrounding area. You can call this lake your home by searching for High Rock Lake homes for sale online today.

Location of High Rock Lake

High Rock Lake is situated in both Davidson and Rowan Counties in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Davidson County has more than 160,000 residents and consists of towns like Lexington, its county seat, as well as High Point and Thomasville.

The history of the county dates back to the immediate aftermath of the Revolutionary War and was initially part of the state of Tennessee. However, in 1822, the county became part of North Carolina and was named after the Revolutionary War general William Lee Davidson who was killed in battle on the state's Catawba River in 1781.
Since its inception as a North Carolina county, Davidson has become home to some of the state's most vibrant and colorful venues. Its annual Pigs in the City, which is held in Lexington and celebrates all things pigs, festival draws thousands of tourists from across the world. During this yearly celebration, the town of Lexington decks itself out with pig-centric decorations, signs, and costumes.

Pigs, as well as chicken and beef cattle, are also celebrated during the county's annual barbecue festival. North Carolina, particularly Davidson County, is the hub of some of the world's savoriest barbecue. This event, which is also held in Lexington, likewise attracts thousands of visitors who come to sample the fare, enjoy the music, and celebrate barbecue unlike any other found in the world.

On the other side of High Rock Lake is Rowan County, which itself is home to more than 138,000 residents. This county consists of towns like Salisbury, its seat, as well as Kannapolis and China Grove. While less populated than Davidson County, Rowan County is still host to some of the most exciting and fun-filled venues in the High Rock Lake area. Visitors come from all over to visit locales like the Music & Motorsport Museum in Salisbury. This museum showcases the history of the area's motorsport obsession as well as music that is unique to this part of the state.

People who visit Rowan County also have ample opportunity to experience life as a farmer. The county is home to numerous hobby farms, many of which welcome visitors who want to pick their own fruit, milk cows, and otherwise, indulge in hands-on encounters with how their food is grown or produced.
With such interesting and scenic surroundings, it is little wonder why Rowan and Davidson Counties attract countless newcomers to the High Rock Lake area each year. When you want to make this part of the state your home, you can begin your search for High Rock Lake waterfront homes for sale online today.

High Rock Lake Homes

When you start looking for homes for sale High Rock Lake NC newcomers like you are reminded to keep some important tips in mind. To start, you should realize that the homes for sale in the High Rock Lake area are mandated to abide by certain criteria to safeguard not only the lake but also protect the environment of both counties.
For example, people who buy or build a waterfront home on the lake must follow the guidelines for installing or replacing their homes' rooftops. The roofs angle, design, and use of materials must carefully meet the criteria to prevent damage to the lake as well as the environment of the area.

Likewise, people who want access to the lake for boating must build floating piers rather than anchored or other styles so that the piers are still usable during droughts. The lake has experienced several droughts just within the last two decades. Careful construction of floating piers allows homeowners to access the lake during periods of low water and drought. Aside from the rules for building or upgrading lakefront homes, potential buyers like you may benefit by appreciating the variety of styles and sizes of the homes for sale. You can find homes situated on spacious lots spanning more than three acres. Likewise, you can find homes for sale that are small and located on a single acre lot.
Whether you plan to live here year round or use your High Rock Lake home for a vacation property, you can find houses for sale that should fit your needs and budget. The homes reflect the unique beauty and peace of the area. They also allow you to stake your claim and call this beautiful part of North Carolina your home.

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